The Maze Runner Trilogy: The Scorch Trials

Two nerds sitting on the couch discuss the second of the Maze Runner movies: The Scorch Trials. We do not recap the first movie, so this is best listened to after our recap of The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner series, both the books and movies, is contemporary with a whole bunch of other teen dystopias, most notably The Hunger Games, and follows a group of teens in a survival situation. As always, there are spoilers for both The Scorch Trials and related media.

One small correction: I get Giancarlo Esposito’s first name wrong — sorry — and incorrectly identify him as being on The Wire. I mixed up my David Simon procedurals set in Baltimore. He’s probably more well known for his work on a raft of Spike Lee movies, Breaking Bad, and most recently the Mandalorian.

Author: Ceridwen

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