A Perfect Day: Time Travel Stories

Two Nerds Sitting on a Couch wrapped up our inquiry into teen dystopias last week with The City of Ember, which is kinda funny because the book is aimed younger than teen, and it’s not really a dystopia. After a period of despondency, we decided our new theme is going to be time travel! Rather than go through the travels in time one by one, we’ve aggregated the last five movies into one podcast. So you can follow along at home, the five movies we watched were 24, The Final Countdown, Primer, The Time Machine, and Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel. We decided re-watchability of these movies is low, except for Primer, which is either ∞ or 2.

We also mention the following time travel narratives, in no particular order: Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Safety not Guaranteed, Time Cave, Interstellar, Tenet, Arrival, Butterfly Effect, Groundhog Day, Palm Springs, The Sound of Thunder, Hot Tub Time Machine, Bell & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Russian Doll, The Umbrella Academy, The Doomsday Book, & Edge of Tomorrow. Richard couldn’t remember the names of two Spanish-language time travel movies he watched, but I figured out what they are: The Incident and Timecrimes. Though not a time travel movie, I also take some time out to slag Ad Astra while I was slagging Interstellar.

We have a list of four or five movies we’re going to watch for our next installment, but if you have any suggestions, please drop us a line!

Author: Ceridwen

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