Time Lapse Crimes

In a bonus episode, two nerds somewhat tipsily discuss Timecrimes and Time Lapse, two movies which mess around with the concept of predestination.For some godforsaken reason, the extremely silly film Final Countdown, in which the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz travels back in time, comes up again.

CW: sexual assault.

Author: Ceridwen

3 thoughts on “Time Lapse Crimes

  1. Re: predestination see also the Ben Affleck PKD “adaptation” (?) Paycheck.

    And definitely definitely see also the Nick Cage-helmed Knowing. Like seriously please include it in an episode because I have have Feelings about it.

    1. I know we’ve seen both of them, but then it’s been a while. Paycheck was during that spate of PKD “adaptions”, and I remember thinking it was one of the dumber ones, but it had a greasy charm. Richard and I are going to go watch Knowing RIGHT MOEW.

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