David Lynch’s Dune

Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Mu'uad D'b stands wearing a stillsuit in the open desert. A row of figures stands very far behind him. He has a coil of rope over one shoulder, and is holding a staff in the opposite hand

Continuing in our exploration of all things Dune, Two Nerds discuss David Lynch’s 1984 film adaption of Dune, which was famously troubled production, critical failure, and pretty bonkers. It was also hugely formative for me. There are at least several cuts of the film out there, and we watched two of them: the 2 hour theatrical version, and the 3 hour version which was cut for television, disowned by Lunch, and has the director credited as Alan Smithee. (The Alan Smithee version also credits the writer as Judas Booth, as Lynch felt he’d been both betrayed and assassinated by the producers, lol.)

Author: Ceridwen

2 thoughts on “David Lynch’s Dune

  1. Thanks for the MT shout-out. I don’t know how I missed that… 6 months ago.

    Lynch’s film (the theatrical release) was my gateway drug, too (thanks HBO), so I will always love it.

    1. It was an Easter egg! Not really, but the timing is about right now. 🙂
      I will always love the Lynch Dune, I don’t care how wizened and cranky I get.

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