Five Nights at Freddy’s

Three of the animatronic antagonists from Five Nights at Freddy's, in a mirror image with Freddy Fazbear in the middle. One side is lit normally, and the other ominously.

For this episode of Two Nerds, we’re joined by a “subject matter expert,” our kid, Traveller. Traveller was super into Five Nights at Freddy’s when he was a wee child, so he’s got the lore-dump for us. I gotta say, I did not expect the places FNaF lore ended up going, boy howdy. There’s a lot of child abuse and murder in the FNaF lore, so just be aware before listening.

And just to save you a search, I looked up fan-made song which ended up as the end credits music in the FnaF movie. It’s by The Living Tombstone, and a version of that song can be found here.

Author: Ceridwen

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