Godzilla vs Kong

In a very special episode, Two Nerds discuss the most recent (and possibly the last) MonsterVerse movie: Godzilla vs Kong. We decided to make a theme of it, so we also watched a movie called Colossal, which is about a giant monster who appears randomly in Seoul, Korea, and whose motions are tied to a young woman in the States. Colossal ended up being considerably more intense than we expected.

We also mention the other MonsterVerse movies — Godzilla, Godzilla: King of Monsters, and Kong: Skull Island — and the Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie.

CW: domestic violence, alcoholism

Author: Ceridwen

4 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Kong

  1. We reacted to Colossal similarly. Did not see that dark turn coming. It was legit uncomfortable to witness.

    Not sure where I come down on the Gidzilla/Mothra shipping, but: can we watch GvK after only sort of half watching Skull Island and having very little memory of G:KOTM?

    1. Yes, most definitely. There isn’t a lot of connective tissue between these movies, other than, like, giant monsters. Millie Bobby Brown and her dad show up, but all the shenanigans from KotM have no bearing on the plot.

    1. I don’t think we did! I think we were so excited about the weird shit Colossal did that we kinda gave GvK short shrift. Because I was SUPER INTO the Hollow Earth parts of the movie — I, frankly, don’t think Hollywood has done enough with the concept.

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