Boss Level: Groundhog Days

After we thoughtfully examined three films with repeating day scenarios — Groundhog Day, Palm Springs, and The Map of Tiny Perfect Things — in Groundhog Days, we found a fourth repeating day movie: Boss Level. This one is significantly shootier than those other three!

This is a tiny bonus episode where we somewhat giddily talk about this ridiculous movie.

Author: Ceridwen

4 thoughts on “Boss Level: Groundhog Days

  1. Russian Doll!

    Between that and Boss Level, apparently, “Groundhog Day but they’re trying not to die comedically every time” is officially a genre.

    Do an episode on Russian Doll! It’s great and hilarious and oddly quite touching.

  2. It’s so great. And the final sequence with the spontaneous parade, where she walks past herself?!? Fucking awesome.

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