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Tales of the Walking Dead

Banner for the television show Tales of the Walking Dead: Tales from the Walking Dead is in tall red letters, surrounded by profile photos of the main characters from the six different episodes

Two Nerds didn’t go into Tales of the Walking Dead, the anthology series set in The Walking Dead universe, expecting much. Whoo boy, did the the series exceed expectations, and then some. The unique stories in Tales of the Walking…

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Groundhog Days: Two Distant Strangers

A Black man in a yellow hoodie is in profile, and faces a white man with a cop hat. The words "Two Distant Strangers" is written in yellow between them

Two Nerds finally watched Two Distant Strangers, an Oscar-winning short film which takes the Groundhog Day premise of a single, repeating day, and applies it to a situation where a white cop shoots a Black man over and over again….

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Boss Level: Groundhog Days

After we thoughtfully examined three films with repeating day scenarios — Groundhog Day, Palm Springs, and The Map of Tiny Perfect Things — in Groundhog Days, we found a fourth repeating day movie: Boss Level. This one is significantly shootier…

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The Only One Awake: Groundhog Days

Continuing on with our exploration of narratives that use time as a device, we discuss three movies which take place in time loops, where the characters wake up and relive the same 24 hours over and over: Groundhog Day, Map…

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