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28 Days Later

A still from 28 Days Later. A man in blue scrubs stands with his back to the viewer. In the background is a London streetscape empty of people and littered with trash.

Two Nerds decided to watch 28 Days Later again, partially because I wanted to see how closely it mapped to John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids — from which writer Alex Garland avowedly lifted the opening — and partially…

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Tales of the Walking Dead

Banner for the television show Tales of the Walking Dead: Tales from the Walking Dead is in tall red letters, surrounded by profile photos of the main characters from the six different episodes

Two Nerds didn’t go into Tales of the Walking Dead, the anthology series set in The Walking Dead universe, expecting much. Whoo boy, did the the series exceed expectations, and then some. The unique stories in Tales of the Walking…

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Walking Dead, Season One

Cover for the film Night of the Living Dead: black and white photo of a girl with dee[ black rings around her eyes looking straight at the camera

As this is the final season of The Walking Dead — a series which has taken myriad twists and turns over the years — Two Nerds decided to go back and watch the first season of Walking Dead again. It…

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A man in front of radio equipment turns towards the reader with a peice of paper held up for the reader. The paper reads "Don't Talk."

We’ve been on hiatus for a bit, but we’re back with one of my favorite movies by one of my favorite writers: Pontypool. Tony Burgess adapted the screenplay from his novel, which is titled called Pontypool Changes Everything. Pontypool is…

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John Cusak, in a coat and cap, stands in a brightly lit hallway with what might be blood smeared on the walls. He's looking right of the camera.

Two Nerds decided to watch Cell, the movie adaption of the same-named Stephen King novel, which is about a pulse sent over cell phones which makes anyone who hears it homicidal. (King also co-wrote the screenplay.) This is our second…

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Army of the Dead

Cover for the film Night of the Living Dead: black and white photo of a girl with dee[ black rings around her eyes looking straight at the camera

Two Nerds sat down and watched the newest Zach Snyder movie, Army of the Dead, which is really exciting me because zombies are 100% my wheelhouse, and this the first zombie movie we’ve discussed. Like a Zach Snyder film, this…

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Bruce Willis is Bald

Bruce Willis from the shoulders up looks off to the viewer's right. He is wearing battered futuristic armor that is orange and silver.

Back in the day, you could tell if a Bruce Willis movie was going to be any good depending on whether he had hair or not. Given the movies Cosmic Sin and Breach, that rule of thumb no longer applies….

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