Walking Dead, Season One

Cover for the film Night of the Living Dead: black and white photo of a girl with dee[ black rings around her eyes looking straight at the camera

As this is the final season of The Walking Dead — a series which has taken myriad twists and turns over the years — Two Nerds decided to go back and watch the first season of Walking Dead again. It was a rewarding exercise because it turns out that season really holds up, but then also because of how much has changed, and we didn’t quite notice while it was changing. The biggest difference was the zombies themselves: first season walkers are tool-users the way they are in OG Night of the Living Dead (which is the first modern zombie film) but really aren’t in any other season. Zombie stories often comment on the construction of society, and to that end, domesticity, and it was very edifying to go back to origins and see where that series began, and where its ending.

Author: Ceridwen

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