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Bruce Willis is Bald

Bruce Willis from the shoulders up looks off to the viewer's right. He is wearing battered futuristic armor that is orange and silver.

Back in the day, you could tell if a Bruce Willis movie was going to be any good depending on whether he had hair or not. Given the movies Cosmic Sin and Breach, that rule of thumb no longer applies….

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The Nevers: Pilot

Several people in Victorian garb sit by a pond, with their backs to the viewer. A treeless branch looms over them. "HBO presents The Nevers: New Series" is superimposed over the image.

Two Nerds watch the first episode of HBO’s The Nevers, a steampunk Buffy the Vampire Slayer slash X-Men hybrid. The Nevers was created by Joss Whedon, who then apparently “stepped away” some time after all the allegations about his behavior…

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