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28 Days Later

A still from 28 Days Later. A man in blue scrubs stands with his back to the viewer. In the background is a London streetscape empty of people and littered with trash.

Two Nerds decided to watch 28 Days Later again, partially because I wanted to see how closely it mapped to John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids — from which writer Alex Garland avowedly lifted the opening — and partially…

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Army of the Dead

Cover for the film Night of the Living Dead: black and white photo of a girl with dee[ black rings around her eyes looking straight at the camera

Two Nerds sat down and watched the newest Zach Snyder movie, Army of the Dead, which is really exciting me because zombies are 100% my wheelhouse, and this the first zombie movie we’ve discussed. Like a Zach Snyder film, this…

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