Moonfall: A Moon What Falls

It’s been a hot minute since Two Nerds saw the movie Moonfall and recorded a podcat about it. I went back to finish my degree, and then there was a bunch of other life stuff that sucked up our emotional energy. But now, degree in hand, we’re back! Just to help you follow along at home: though I eventually remember his name, the person I’m called Not!GeorgeClooney is Patrick Wilson. At the end of the podcat, Richard notes he’ll watch this movie again when he forgets he’s seen it. Turns out, about four months is how long it took him to forget Moonfall was a movie that exists, let alone that we’d both watched it.

Author: Ceridwen

2 thoughts on “Moonfall: A Moon What Falls

  1. Sara’s sister texted us just last weekend that she was tipsy-watching Moonfall, and I had *also* forgotten that I’d seen it. With you guys! Wow.

    Congrats again on the degree!!!


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