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Halloween Kills

Michael Myers wearing his iconic white mask and black clothing stand on the porch of a building engulfed in flame

Slogging on through the Halloween movies, Two Nerds watched the most recent Halloween (which brings the count up to three whole ass movies titled Halloween), and its sequel, Halloween Kills. These two movies dispense with every single Halloween sequel so…

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Retcons & Reboots: Halloween H20 and Rob Zombie’s Halloween

a surprised woman's face looks through a porthole style window at a man wearing a featureless white mask

Continuing with our deep dive into the Halloween movies, Two Nerds discuss Halloween H20 and its sequel, Halloween: Resurrection — in which Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode — and Rob Zombie’s reboot of the Halloween franchise. The series…

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Halloweens 1-6

black background with the words "John Carpenter's Halloween" written in orange. To the side, there is a a jack o' lantern with the face lit up.

This Halloween, Two Nerds foolishly decided to watch all the Halloween movies. This installment covers Halloweens one through six, which exist on the same timeline, more or less. These movies cover roughly two decades of horror filmmaking, and it’s interesting…

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