A man stands with his back to the viewer, turned so his face is in profile. Talk buildings crowd in from the sides, but the central background is a blue sky with white clouds. The words "Counterpart" are superimposed

As part of our exploration of parallel worlds, Two Nerds discuss the spy thriller series Counterpart. J.K. Simmons plays a double role as Howard Silk, each of whom are members of a shadowy U.N. agency in two different versions of reality. One is a stupendous badass, and the other a colorless drone. The two versions of reality are in something of a cold war with one another, and the two U.N. agencies — and the two Howard Silks — are on a slow-moving collision course. It’s such a good series.

Author: Ceridwen

1 thought on “Counterpart

  1. One door. It’s one single door! How are they not able to accurately tally “X people came in, Y people went out”?

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