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Blade Plumber: Super Mario Bros.

A still from the Super MArio Bros moive: Dennis Hopper, as King Koopa, shoots some sort of futuristic rocket launcher. He's flanked by large guys with tiny dinosaur/lizard heads.

Two Nerds recently learned of a new cut of 1993’s super bonkers Super Mario Bros. movie, put together by the fine people at The Movie Archive. This new cut restores 20 minutes of excised footage, making the movie, if anything,…

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We went into the movie Bliss pretty cold. The really quite terrible blurb said something about how maybe reality is a computer simulation, and that sounded close enough to our theme of alternate realities that we gave it a go….

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Alternate Realities: Coherence

A place setting seen from above. The following items are places next to each other, from left to right: a blue glowstick, a fork, a red ping pong paddle, a knife, and a syringe. The words "Coherence: Rearrange Your Brain" run along the bottom of the image

Two Nerds discuss two movies that deal with parallel universes: the not very impressive Alpha Gateway, and the absolutely delightful Coherence.We also talk a bit about Counterpart, a previous podcast subject, and China MiĆ©ville’s The City & The City. While…

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Mortal Kombats

The logo from the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie: a bas relief stone dragon set in a circle

Two Nerds watched both the 1995 and 2021 Mortal Kombat movies back to back, then sat down for a little chat. The 1995 Mortal Kombat was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who also wrote all and directed most of the…

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A man stands with his back to the viewer, turned so his face is in profile. Talk buildings crowd in from the sides, but the central background is a blue sky with white clouds. The words "Counterpart" are superimposed

As part of our exploration of parallel worlds, Two Nerds discuss the spy thriller series Counterpart. J.K. Simmons plays a double role as Howard Silk, each of whom are members of a shadowy U.N. agency in two different versions of…

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Monster Hunter

Grubby looking white cat with a kerchief, red vest, and a sword strapped on its back stands on the deck of a ship. It has a scarred eye, braids on its chin, and a circular golden medallion

Two Nerds sat down with our Gen-Z consultant (aka oldest son, Leo) to watch Monster Hunter, a Paul W.S. Anderson movie based on the eponymous video game series. We’d never played any of the games, so Leo was on hand…

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The First of All Parallel Worlds

Two Nerds have spent the last few episodes discussing time travel, repeating day, or otherwise timey-wimey narratives. Adjacent to that (and often overlapping) are stories that explore parallel worlds. In this outing, we discussthe movies Sliding Doors and Another Earth,…

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