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still from 2001: a baby in a glowing corona looks on at the edge of a planet in the darkness of space

Two Nerds was contacted by a friend of ours recently who put in some requests for podcat subjects. On the list were some titles we’d already tackled, like Another Earth and Shane Carruth’s Primer, and some we hadn’t yet, like…

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We went into the movie Bliss pretty cold. The really quite terrible blurb said something about how maybe reality is a computer simulation, and that sounded close enough to our theme of alternate realities that we gave it a go….

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The First of All Parallel Worlds

Two Nerds have spent the last few episodes discussing time travel, repeating day, or otherwise timey-wimey narratives. Adjacent to that (and often overlapping) are stories that explore parallel worlds. In this outing, we discussthe movies Sliding Doors and Another Earth,…

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