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R U 4 Robots?

A robot with a white casing sits cross-legged in a room of monks all bowed down touching their heads to the floor. A man in a business suit stands behind the robot, angles and looking toward the robot. Prayer flags hang from the ceiling, and a stylized lotus flower in woven into the floor mat.

Two Nerds got a request we watch Automata, a steampunky short about a human private detective, his robot partner, and a murder mystery. This made us consider what robots do, as a trope, and what questions narratives with robots tend…

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Bruce Willis Has Hair: The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich as their characters in The Fifth Element stand side by side. Jovovich holds up an ID card.

Our other listener asked if we’d done a podcast about The Fifth Element, so we watched it again. You guys, that was totally off the hook. Apparently, in the intervening decade or so since the resident nerds last viewed The…

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Blade Plumber: Super Mario Bros.

A still from the Super MArio Bros moive: Dennis Hopper, as King Koopa, shoots some sort of futuristic rocket launcher. He's flanked by large guys with tiny dinosaur/lizard heads.

Two Nerds recently learned of a new cut of 1993’s super bonkers Super Mario Bros. movie, put together by the fine people at The Movie Archive. This new cut restores 20 minutes of excised footage, making the movie, if anything,…

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