Bruce Willis Has Hair: The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich as their characters in The Fifth Element stand side by side. Jovovich holds up an ID card.

Our other listener asked if we’d done a podcast about The Fifth Element, so we watched it again. You guys, that was totally off the hook. Apparently, in the intervening decade or so since the resident nerds last viewed The Fifth Element, we’d also seen a bunch of other stuff which has made us seriously rethink what was going on in that movie. Most specifically: the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune and the 1981 animated anthology Heavy Metal. We totally owe you one, Michael.

If anyone has suggestions for what we should watch next, give us a shout. I can’t say we’ll freak out as much as we did here, but anything’s possible.

Author: Ceridwen

2 thoughts on “Bruce Willis Has Hair: The Fifth Element

  1. Can’t wait to hear this podcast! I was curious what you guys felt about the difference between Fahrenheit 451 movie 1966 and the new one 2018? I also love the feel, the smell of a book and it seems more people are reading Kindle’s now. Do you believe we’re slowly getting closer to the theme of the book as a society? I wish I was having this conversation in your dining room over a beer, or two. I love the podcast! Keep it up. Thanks!

    1. I’m sorry I suck so bad at responding in a timely manner! I haven’t seen the ’66 version of Fahrenheit 451, but I have seen the more recent one. I know this might be heresy, but I think the censorship angle of F 451 might not be so relevant anymore, as seen by how many contortions the recent film had to go through to make the premise work in a digital world. I still occasionally read paper books, but the portability and searchability of ebooks makes them generally preferable to me. (There are exceptions. Digital cookbooks, for example, I find useless.) Additionally, I could put the entire works of Shakespeare and then some on a thumb drive; it wouldn’t be possible to wipe out literature. That said, there are all kinds of ways our online lives are manipulated and sequestered, and typically for reasons of control and surveillance. Which is to say, that particular theme is still relevant as hell. Anyway, yes! I look forward to having this conversation in person some day!

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