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Bruce Willis Has Hair: The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich as their characters in The Fifth Element stand side by side. Jovovich holds up an ID card.

Our other listener asked if we’d done a podcast about The Fifth Element, so we watched it again. You guys, that was totally off the hook. Apparently, in the intervening decade or so since the resident nerds last viewed The…

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Monster Hunter

Grubby looking white cat with a kerchief, red vest, and a sword strapped on its back stands on the deck of a ship. It has a scarred eye, braids on its chin, and a circular golden medallion

Two Nerds sat down with our Gen-Z consultant (aka oldest son, Leo) to watch Monster Hunter, a Paul W.S. Anderson movie based on the eponymous video game series. We’d never played any of the games, so Leo was on hand…

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