Tales of the Walking Dead

Banner for the television show Tales of the Walking Dead: Tales from the Walking Dead is in tall red letters, surrounded by profile photos of the main characters from the six different episodes

Two Nerds didn’t go into Tales of the Walking Dead, the anthology series set in The Walking Dead universe, expecting much. Whoo boy, did the the series exceed expectations, and then some. The unique stories in Tales of the Walking…

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It’s Morbin Time!

A silhouette of Jared Leto as Morbius in his vampire form superimposed over a photoshopping list of highest grossing movies of all time. Morbius is at the top, with jillions of dollars listed in box office sales.

I’m not saying that Two Nerds are always entirely sober, but certainly for this, our discussion of the film Morbius, we were half in the bag. But it was ok because it was Morbin time.

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Halloween Kills

Michael Myers wearing his iconic white mask and black clothing stand on the porch of a building engulfed in flame

Slogging on through the Halloween movies, Two Nerds watched the most recent Halloween (which brings the count up to three whole ass movies titled Halloween), and its sequel, Halloween Kills. These two movies dispense with every single Halloween sequel so…

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R U 4 Robots?

A robot with a white casing sits cross-legged in a room of monks all bowed down touching their heads to the floor. A man in a business suit stands behind the robot, angles and looking toward the robot. Prayer flags hang from the ceiling, and a stylized lotus flower in woven into the floor mat.

Two Nerds got a request we watch Automata, a steampunky short about a human private detective, his robot partner, and a murder mystery. This made us consider what robots do, as a trope, and what questions narratives with robots tend…

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Walking Dead, Season One

Cover for the film Night of the Living Dead: black and white photo of a girl with dee[ black rings around her eyes looking straight at the camera

As this is the final season of The Walking Dead — a series which has taken myriad twists and turns over the years — Two Nerds decided to go back and watch the first season of Walking Dead again. It…

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detail of Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream" With rough, impressionistic brush strokes, a figure stands on a bridge, hands on his face, screaming. The sunset behind the figure is livid red and orange.

In which Two Nerds discuss the fourth of the Scream franchise, which was made a decade after the original trilogy, and evinces a slightly different sensibility than the rollicking meta-irony of the first three.

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The Scream Trilogy

detail of Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream" With rough, impressionistic brush strokes, a figure stands on a bridge, hands on his face, screaming. The sunset behind the figure is livid red and orange.

Two Nerds decided to do a deep dive into the Scream movies, as the fifth installment was just released, 25 years after the first. The first three Scream movies, all directed by Wes Craven, constitute a trilogy, while the fourth…

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still from 2001: a baby in a glowing corona looks on at the edge of a planet in the darkness of space

Two Nerds was contacted by a friend of ours recently who put in some requests for podcat subjects. On the list were some titles we’d already tackled, like Another Earth and Shane Carruth’s Primer, and some we hadn’t yet, like…

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The Matrix Resurrections

two hands held out in a black background, one holds a red pill and the other a blue pill

As Gen Xers, Two Nerds have some pretty Strong Feelings about the Matrix movies, so it was with some trepidation we watched The Matrix Resurrections. A late-period fourth movie appended to a long-completed trilogy almost never goes well (e.g. Indiana…

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The Most Dangerous Game


Completing the B-movie “trilogy” Two Nerds began when we watched Cosmic Sin and Breach, we sat down and watched Apex, a movie in which a group of rich jackholes hunt a strangely blasé Bruce Willis. Apex ended up being one…

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